January 2012 Posts

Honestly Good Products

I am always impressed when parents take it upon themselves to find–or create–the healthiest products for their kids. The Honest line is free of all those chemicals–phthalates, parabens, SLS, fragrances, dyes and other allergens–that stress out parents. Cheers to Christopher Gavigan and Jessica Alba for bringing a worry-free brand to market.

The Connection Between Diet and ADHD Symptoms

For many years, scientists and parents alike have touted improvement in ADHD symptoms with changes in diet. But a new study from the journal Pediatrics suggests that supplements and special diets don’t necessarily have the effect that many claim. Check out the data here…

Parents, Check Those Labels!

In the old days (a couple of weeks ago), Tylenol and other acetaminophen products came in two concentrations–one for infants and another for children. The idea was to have a more concentrated (or stronger) suspension for infants so that parents didn’t need to squirt quite so much liquid into their resistant babes. However, this discrepancy led to dosing confusion and so makers of acetaminophen are standardizing all of their liquids. This means that the children’s strength will be the only one available on store shelves. Please read labels carefully and, when in doubt, call your doctor for dosing help.

Exercise and Better Grades?

There is evidence that more exercise directly translates into better academic performance. Yet another reason to kick your kids off the couch and get them moving…

Lead Levels Falling

While the number of children who have elevated lead levels in their blood keeps falling year after year, the CDC now says that the acceptably “safe” limit for lead may be too high. Today a panel recommended lowering the upper limit of lead levels, because even low blood lead can affect brain development.