Cara is a versatile speaker, engaging audiences of tweens, parents, and everyone in between. It turns out that growing up isn't what it used to be. The world has changed dramatically over the past couple of decades - kids are entering puberty earlier and taking longer to get through it. Because of this, families face challenges they never did before.

When she speaks to parents, Cara walks through environmental and lifestyle shifts that have radically altered child health and safety. She explains not just what has changed but how to clear the parenting hurdles that have resulted, covering everything from fitness to friendships and sweets to screen time.

When Cara speaks to younger audiences, she teaches basics about growing up. The interactive talk teaches kids  about biology, development, nutrition, and sleep without feeling like they are being lectured. The goal is to inspire kids to live healthfully in order to maximize their self esteem.

Cara addresses audiences of all sizes including: Fortune 500 Companies (such as Mattel headquarters, El Segundo, CA and American Girl headquarters, Middleton, WI), Book Festivals (Texas Book Festival and LA Times Festival of Books), book stores and dozens of elementary, middle, and high schools across the US.