Excerpted from GUY STUFF, page 12,  published and copyrighted 2017 by American Girl Publishing. All rights reserved.


Sometimes it’s hard to figure out how to act. You’re not alone—everyone your age is going through that. It’s a fine line between being appropriately confident and being too confident, which can be a turnoff. Here are tips on staying on the right side of that line:



Confident guys (and girls):

  • Speak with certainty and look the other person directly in the eye.
  • Remember to ask questions of the other person in the conversation.
  • Don’t yell or speak over other people.
  • Don’t list all the great things they have done.

Arrogant guys (and girls):

  • Boast about their accomplishments.
  • Often forget to ask about other people.
  • Love to talk about themselves and tend to need the last word.
  • Sometimes speak with a too-loud voice.