Simplifying Science

Calories Don’t Count

Quality over quantity. A golden rule that applies to just about everything. Even – or maybe especially – calories.

Wait, what? Calories don’t count??

Apparently not.  


Charity Spotlight: JK Livin

Last week, I played hooky. At 9am, instead of beginning my work day, I turned off my computer and headed out to support JK Livin, a foundation that creates after school programming to teach students to make positive life choices in areas of wellness, fitness, nutrition, and community service.  I didn’t expect to be so deeply moved by the guest speaker, Alyssa Najera, a student who attends a JK Livin program. After hearing her speak, I asked if I could publish her words in this newsletter. READ MORE

Smoke (or Vapor) and Mirrors

I’ve been on a bit of a vaping tear recently. Can’t help it. With kids in middle school, I refuse to just sit back and watch e-cigarette manufacturers hold our offspring (their desired customers) in their crosshairs. That plus it’s just plain gross to see plumes of vapor filling cars idling next to me or to walk through mango-scented clouds that appear on sidewalks, seemingly out of nowhere. So I have read just about everything I can get my eyeballs on. Here are...READ MORE

Power in Numbers

Generation Z is finding it’s voice. And with it, they are poised to change the world.

Mass shootings – particularly school shootings – are suddenly routine. Today’s teenagers have decided they aren’t going to stand by and watch the epidemic unfold because they’ve had enough: they want school to be a...READ MORE

Mud-Slinging Parents

It’s brutal to watch parents pit themselves against one another. And yet these days, if you happen to be nearby when the subject of household rules around screen time comes up, you’ll likely have a ringside seat. That is, unless you find yourself against the ropes, maybe even throwing the punches.


Beauty Secrets: Keep It Natural And Clean

Every girl is born with natural beauty. You might have big right eyes or a gleaming smile or glowing skin or flowing hair. Before you think about putting something on y our face, you need to appreciate the features that others are drawn to. We all have things we want to change about ourselves, sure, but we also have something that makes us stand out. Take notice of this part of you.

Many girls wonder about makeup. When should they use it? Does it make them look better? Or older?  READ MORE

The Trick To Good Nutrition

Part of the recipe for feeling, doing, and looking your best is eating right. Your body needs a healthy balance of proteins, grains, fruits, vegetables, fats, vitamins, and minerals to grow, glow, and be strong. This is true for everyone!