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Boys Will Be Boys... Because We Reinforce It

Spoiler alert: I have a boy book on the way. It's called Guy Stuff, and it's the boy version of my series The Care and Keeping of You. I have spent the last year submerged deeply in the world of boy development - partially thanks to the book and partially thanks to the existence of a now-12-year old boy under my own roof. This article says so much about how we socialize our boys to withhold emotional expression. Hopefully, Guy Stuff will give them - and their parents - some tools to reverse this. 

Talking to Boys the Way We Talk to Girls

At a Father’s Day breakfast, my 5-year-old son and his classmates sang a song about fathers, crooning about “my dad who’s big and strong” and “fixes things with his hammer” and, above all else, “is really... Read More

Should You Navigate Your Kid's Secret Online Life?

This is a tricky one: while hands-off parents who allow their kids free reign in the digital world are accused of putting their children at risk, hands-on parents who hover and follow and even curate their kids' online life are often accused of the same. We are all trying to strike the right middle ground. So where is that?

The Secret Social Media Lives of Teenagers

Earlier this week, Harvard University revealed that it had rescinded admissions offers to at least 10 students who shared offensive images within what they thought was a private Facebook group chat. The students posted memes and images that mocked minority groups, child abuse, sexual assault and the... Read more 

A Legal Development Related to Brain Development

Anyone who knows me knows that I preach the gospel of Dr. Jay Giedd and others who have documented the slow development of the tween and teen brain. Graduating high school seniors are not, in fact, adults, at least in the fully-formed-brain sense. Neither are graduating college seniors. While lots of doctors know this, it's a pair of San Francisco lawyers who are doing something about it.

A California Court for Young Adults Calls on Science

SAN FRANCISCO — On a cloudy afternoon in the Bayview district, Shaquille, 21, was riding in his sister’s 1991 Acura when another car ran a stop sign, narrowly missing them. Both cars screeched to a halt, and...Read More

Cell Phone High

For parents who are looking for an upside to cell phone use among your kids, look no further.

Are Teenagers Replacing Drugs With Smartphones?

Amid an opioid epidemic, the rise of deadly synthetic drugs and the widening legalization of marijuana, a curious bright spot has emerged in the youth drug culture: American teenagers are growing less likely to try or regularly use drugs, including alcohol. With minor fits and starts, the trend has been building for a decade, with no clear understanding as to why.  Read More

The Teenage Brain, Global Edition

Throughout the world, adolescent brains develop in the same stepwise manner. This leads to a peak in risk-taking in the late teen years, well before good old rational decision making predominates (usually not until the mid-20s). So why, then, do some countries see more thrill-seeking teenagers than others?

Teenagers Do Dumb Things, but There Are Ways to Limit Recklessness

By now parents are familiar with the worrisome finding that the thrill-seeking centers of the adolescent brain can readily outmatch the teenage brain’s emerging rational control systems.I count myself among the adults who...Read More

Porn Kills Love

The saddest part of this article - for me, at least - is that it is absolutely NOT surprising. For years, I have heard these exact same sentiments from teens and tweens. This is an important read. Don't delude yourself that your child is immune. 

Sex Before Kissing: How 15-Year-Old Girls Are Dealing With Porn-Addicted Boys

“[I want] better education regarding sex for both boys and girls. Read More