Simplifying Science

Talking About Not Talking

I just delivered to my publisher a book about raising boys through puberty (coming to bookstores this winter – hoorah!) and here’s the crux of where I have landed on the topic: When boys enter puberty they get quiet, at least quieter than they used to be, and we as parents accept it, even respect it, and we tend to get…READ MORE

The Intersection of Life + Art

When a film tells the story of an individual facing a challenge, there’s nothing more powerful than learning that the actor involved has lived with – and often conquered – the challenge at hand. So when my friend Brian Gott told me about his search for an actor with cerebral palsy to star in his new film project, an adaptation of Out of My Mind, I jumped at the chance to share the ask with all of you.

I met Brian and his heart of gold through the Starlight Children’s Foundation, a 35-year old charity dedicated to delivering happiness to seriously ill children. Makes perfect sense because Brian’s reach has always extended across healthcare and entertainment, unifying the two worlds in one way or another: the Burkle Global Impact Initiative, the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, and the Entertainment Industry Foundation among them. In other words, this guy is the real deal, and he’s looking to make a profound film with an actor who has already lived at least part of the role.

So if you know of an actress between the ages of 11 – 14 with cerebral palsy, please share this announcement. Even if you don’t, still share. What an opportunity for a young talent who has grown up with CP, not to mention an opportunity for the world to see that talent on the big screen. Link is here for those who’d like to share.

Does Sexting Lead To Sex?



Sexting means sending a sexually provocative message – often in photo or video form, though it could be words in a traditional text. And people do it. Often.

Official articles say that about 15% of all teenagers have sent sexts, and more than 25% have received them, though I think both of these stats are gross underestimations. When I teach 12- and 13-year olds in the classroom and I ask them the question How many of you know someone who has sent or received a nude (which, in case you… READ MORE

A Benefit of Bad Taste

I know, I know. I have blogged about cannabis before. But I can’t help myself, because the issue is complex. On the one hand, there’s a strong case for regulation, which seems to go hand in hand with legalization (though, let’s be honest, it doesn’t have to). On the other hand is access. And because… READ MORE

The Misnomer of Early Puberty

Paige Vickers for NPR

Paige Vickers for NPR

Early can mean lots of things to lots of people. My husband thinks that unless you arrive somewhere 10 minutes before you are expected, you are actually late; my mother, not so much. The definition of early puberty seems just as flexible.

In case you…READ MORE

The Risk of Not Taking Risks

Anyone who knows me knows that I calculate danger everywhere and all the time. Risk averse is the nice way to put it. Eye rolling and chuckling is another way to go. I can’t help it, though – I was born this way. I never wanted to bungee jump or drive a motorcycle (but give me a little credit at least because I’ll ride… READ MORE