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Healthy Living Includes Lots of Sleeping

Healthy living isn’t just about things you do while you’re awake. Sleeping is really important, too. Did you know that while you sleep, four big things happen:

1. You grow.

2. Your brain reorganizes information from the day so you can remember it better.

3. Your stress hormones drop so you can actually relax. READ MORE

Seriously, Just Wash Your Face

If you’ve got a face, you have to wash it. You need to do this thoroughly at least once a day, usually at bedtime, and better yet twice (so add in a morning face-bath). It’s really not a big deal—at most, it takes 30 seconds of your day. Here’s how:

  1. Choose a mild soap or cleanser that’s formulated for your face.
  2. Lather up.
  3. Wash with your hands or a soft, clean washcloth and warm (not super hot) water.
  4. Rinse your skin... READ MORE

Tutoring Parents About Tutoring

School work causes stress – this is not news to anyone. One of the many solutions is enlisting the help of a tutor, but hiring one is just a beginning. It comes as a surprise to many parents that the student-tutor relationship may need a little parental managing. Jamie Altshule is an educational consultant and founder of Academic Success. She also happens to be a former middle- and high school English teacher. But most of all, she is wise and thoughtful on this subject. 

Guest columnist Jamie Altshule, owner and founder of Academic Success

How many times have you checked in with your student about their homework? Are these repeated conversations in your house?

“Did you bring your assignment book to all of your classes?”

“When will you check in with your Chem teacher about that makeup work?”


How To Turn Off Fortnite

In case you missed it, Lisa Damour wrote this article about what your kids – and likely your office mates, family members, and every neighbor on your block, too – are playing. This article is a couple of weeks old and, while Lisa’s parenting advice is timeless, the game details are already out of date because… READ MORE

Helping Your Kids See Clearly

Even if you aren’t having difficulty with your vision, your eyes need to be checked just like every other part of your body—it’s important to make sure that they’re healthy, even if you are seeing well. Your eye doctor will have you read a few charts and check your eyes with a tool called an ophthalmoscope, which can see all the way to the back of your eyeball. Your eye doctor may have a few ....READ MORE

Ear Facts You Need To Hear

Ears are pretty easy to take care of. They just need a little help from you to stay clean and healthy and do their job.

  • Keeping ‘Em Clean:
    • When you shower, you actually wash your ears when the water and shampoo run down your head. That’s enough.
    • Do shake your head like a dog to get the excess water out, and...READ MORE