Simplifying Science

Score One for the Video Game

I have written about this before but I believe it more strongly now: video games have not turned out to be the evil empire after all. Sure, there are many better alternatives to staring at a screen. But if a kid is cooped up inside for any number of reasons and the choice is between sitting around surfing the web while snacking or sweating it out playing a cardiovascularly-challenging (and non-violent) video game, I vote for the game hands down. And so do most doctors who are fighting the nationwide war on obesity. Notice that I didn't say this is an alternative to outdoor play, organized sports, reading, playing music, doing homework, and so on. But the video game industry finds itself in a very interesting spot at the moment - once the arch enemy of pediatricians, we may have found common ground after all.

Active Video Games Have Exercise-Like Effects in Kids: Study

Adolescents who play active video games increase their heart rate, use more oxygen and expend more energy, according to a small new...Read More