Simplifying Science

Run, Girl, Run!

When I was young, I wish someone had told me that I could do just about anything athletic. I remember vividly trying to become a runner, but after a few blocks the burning in my throat and huffing and puffing in my chest discouraged me, so I stopped. No one told me to run through it. No one told me it gets better. I had to figure that out for myself in my 20s. Last weekend I ran my favorite 5K in honor of the mom of one of my dearest friends. It was the Kickin'Cancer run, organized by the Lynne Cohen Foundation for Ovarian Cancer Research, now in its 11th year. Next to me at the starting line were two girls whom I have known for many years (one since the day she was born). They were students in my Growth Education class and they were out to kick cancer. They were also trying to run - trying to prove to themselves that they could kick a 5K. The deal I made with them was that when (not if) they ran across the finish line, I would post a picture of them on my site. Maybe they didn't need my motivational tactics, but we'll never know. They both did it. Here's to Lila and Alexa, getting fit and fighting disease.