Simplifying Science

Don't Like This...

This article is not flattering. But it is a very good lesson to doctors and patients alike. I have always believed that informed consent is an extremely important piece of medical care. I don't necessarily mean issues like the one in this article - the problem written about here (not fully disclosing risks) is a bad thing but a very unusual thing too. When I talk about informed consent, what I am referring to is that if a doctor is going to do a procedure, make sure that's the person who is getting your consent. Feel free to ask questions and clarify anything that confuses you. That's the whole point of it in the first place - you need to be informed in order to consent.

Officials: Baby Study Didn't Fully Disclose Risks

Federal health officials say the parents of premature babies enrolled in a study of oxygen treatment several years ago weren't properly informed of the risks: a kind of...Read More