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Game On! Literally.

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a big fan of Common Sense Media - the non-profit organization dedicated to helping kids thrive in a digital world. In my own home, the Common Sense website is considered the 3rd parent, and if a movie or an app or a website isn't deemed appropriate, well then Common Sense wins. I am so looking forward to supporting Common Sense Media this weekend at the Game On! event at Sony Studios. My kids cannot believe that I am taking them to a party filled with video game trucks and iPads. They think I am getting a head start on my annual Halloween costume (that would be Mellow Mom, who also allows her kids to eat Halloween candy.) But little do they know that Game On! is as much for me to get a peek at all of the new games and apps that Common Sense has spent countless hours viewing and reviewing for parents like us. If you cannot join in the fun, at least check out Common Sense Media's website!

Game On! 2014

Thanks to everyone for joining us on September 21 at our 3rd GameOn! and for helping make the event a big success! Over 350 guests enjoyed the fun and creative side of technology while tasting great food, making art and music and playing sports. Read More