Simplifying Science

Don't Look Away!

Seriously, do not avert your eyes. Teens are at high risk for driving accidents when they don't keep their eyes on the road. But so are adults. That's why I throw my phone on the passenger side floor when I get into the car - out of reach means I cannot distract myself with email or calls. Check out this study from the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) about distracted driving or, if you don't feel like reading, watch the embeded entertaining video. When a serious publication like NEJM makes a cartoon, you know they really want people to get the message!

Distracted Drivers and New Drivers a Perilous Mix

An inexperienced driver who reaches for a cellphone increases the risk for a crash by more than 700 percent, a new study found. Using accelerometers, cameras, global positioning devices and other sensors...Read More