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Do the Pros Outweigh the Cons in Chocolate Milk?

I think so. In fact, I have always said as much. But not as articulately as KJ Dell-Antonia. (What's new?) Some may accuse me of hypocrisy: I am the woman who rails against Vitamin Water, afterall. But chocolate milk isn't a ploy, it's an incentiviser. Yes, the goal is to drink it without flavoring and in the lowest fat variety possible. But if the choice is chocoalte milk or no milk at all, I will encourage the chocolate variety. My own kids are well aware that I will also, though, call it their treat for the day. No cookies with that milk.

In Defense of Chocolate Milk

On the topic of chocolate milk, in schools in particular, Iā€™m with Mark Oppenheimer. Writing about a recent article in PLOS One describing what happened when 11 schools, serving kindergarten through fifth grade, eliminated chocolate milk from their cafeterias (the students drank less milk, threw more milk...Read More