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Yes! A Brilliant Consent Lesson

In case you missed it... then read this post now!

People often ask me how soon is too soon to talk about _________ (fill in that blank with whatever you want, but usually it’s sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll). As far as I’m concerned, it's almost never too early to begin conversations about health and safety.

Consent is the perfect example. Think your 7-year old is too young to understand the concept? Think again, because talking about consent doesn't have to be a conversation about sex. In fact, we consent to dozens of things every day, often as bystanders. We just don't always mentally file these scenarios in the consensual buckets in our brains, especially when they don't involve our bodies directly.

I love this post because it reframes a topic that is in the headlines almost daily. How can parents introduce the concept of consent early, separating it from sex? It’s easier than you think. And if you begin early, by the time these conversations do include intimacy, your kids already understand the principles clearly.

So how do we even begin to talk about consent with our kids? Try this simply awesome initial approach...

Liz Kleinrock has used America's heated discourse on sexual violence as the springboard for lessons on consent for her third graders.

Kleinrock, who teaches at Citizens of the World Charter School Silver Lake in Los Angeles, took took to Facebook and Instagram to share the visual aids she uses in her lessons about about consent.

She talks about what consent …READ MORE