Simplifying Science

Telling Real Stories

How can we bridge the gap between research and storytelling? Dr. Yalda T. Uhls is cracking that code. Yalda, a former exec at MGM and Sony, left the movie world to study child development, earning a PhD in Psychology at UCLA. These days, Yalda wears numerous hats: she’s a professor at UCLA, a researcher on the effect of media on tweens + teens, the author of the book Media Moms and Digital Dads, and the founder of the new Center for Scholars and Storytellers. Every time I am in a room with Yalda I learn something from her, and that happens quite a bit these days since we teach together regularly. For a sense of how Yalda approaches child development, take a look at this blogpost.


Have you ever spoken to a six year old girl? Seemingly the epitome of confidence, the world is her oyster, and she believes she can be anything:

An astronaut, A ballet dancer, The President, All at the SAME TIME.

Moreover, young girls frequently do better than boys in elementary school, where their abilities to sit still and follow rules often makes their teachers give them plenty of gold stars… The traditional thinking is that young girls’ confidence doesn’t drop…READ MORE