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Bringing Baby in a Lyft?

Ride-share has upended many rules of the road, but safety shouldn't be on that list. There is a reason why infants, toddlers, and young children are required to ride in car seats and/or boosters: these seats save lives. Instead of exempting ride-share companies from the safety requirement, how about if we innovate the safety equipment? Infant car seats have ALWAYS been too bulky, heavy and cumbersome. They are nearly impossible to install correctly, particularly when you are trying to hustle into a car, kids in hand, along a busy roadway. So rather than change the rules, let's change the hardware. Who out there can invent a more portable, more easily installable, equally safe (or even safer) car seat? Go for it!

There are wide variations between states when it comes to child restraint rules for ride-share services such as Lyft and Uber, researchers report.

This can cause uncertainty and confusion for parents and other caregivers. Ride-share vehicles typically don't come with a car seat, and an option to request one is available only in some cities, the study authors said.

Parents can provide their own car seat, but many are bulky, heavy and…READ MORE