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Giving While Giving

My life as a pediatrician working in hospitals left an indelible impression upon me. Really, it was the kids. No matter how sick – and some were fighting for their lives – they all mustered smiles and found joy wherever they could.

There are days when I am feeling overwhelmed or beaten down. But I swear all I need to do is think about one or another of these young heroes and I can feel their spirits fill me. This is why I love being part of the Starlight Children’s Foundation, an organization that delivers joy to hospitalized kids in the form of care packages, books, toys, Radio Flyer wagons, virtual reality headsets and Starlight gowns (cute, comfy, and revolutionary in that they don’t open in the back!). I am even more proud to watch an emerging group of young volunteers raising awareness about Starlight – props to my daughter Talia and her pal Caroline. Check out their newest peer-to-peer awareness-raising campaign and if you’re still shopping for some gifts this holiday season, give a gown!