Simplifying Science

I Believe in Do-Overs

Glad to see the FDA is taking one. For a year the agency has been rationalizing why it gave manufacturers of e-cigs an extended deadline to prove they aren't marketing to tweens and teens. Parents, pediatricians, educators and public health advocates all went nuts. Of course they are marketing to youth! The way they flavor, package, advertise on social media... it would take a complete ostrich to not acknowledge that young users were primo targets. The FDA was being that ostrich until earlier this month, when it decided to pull it's head out of the sand and make a move. We can criticize the agency's choices or applaud them for the pivot. Don't we all take do-overs as parents? I vote that it's okay to give them credit for the shift. They seem to need the encouragement.

U.S. health officials say teenage use of e-cigarette has reached "epidemic" levels and are calling on the industry to address the problem or risk having their flavored products pulled off the market.

The warning from the Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday marks a stark shift in the agency's tone on e-cigarettes, including the popular Juul brand and others, which have become the most used tobacco product among teenagers...READ MORE