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A Dynamo to Know

Vanessa Bennett is the ultimate Dynamo Girl. She’s mom to four kids and the founder of an organization dedicated to building equal parts physical strength and deep emotional confidence among school-aged girls. Vanessa runs workshops for both girls and their families in NY, and in May she’s coming to LA to give west coasters a dose of her insight. Check out the latest Dynamo Girl blog post and, if you are in So Cal on May 11, come experience Vanessa in action!

If you ask a girl about making a mistake, she will tell you, almost verbatim: “It is good to make mistakes because we learn from making mistakes.” That is what she has always been told and we, as adults, pat ourselves on the back that she can tell us the value of making a mistake. However, ask a girl what it FEELS like to make a mistake, and her answer will stop you in your tracks.