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Scooter Bounty Hunters

Ever feel like you want to take matters into your own hands? When something is going slightly off the rails - evolving from a nuisance to a pet peeve to a serious headache or even a danger - and no one is doing a darned thing about it? Well take a lesson from Dan Borelli and John Heinkel. 

These guys were fed up with electric scooters clogging sidewalks and cluttering private property. So they innovated by forming ScootScoop, a company that collects and impounds the illegally strewn vehicles, charging Bird, Lime and other scooter companies a pretty penny for retrieval. Naturally, they are being sued and they are doing some counter-suing themselves. But none of that seems unanticipated. 

ScootScoop doesn’t solve all of the safety issues related to electric scooter invasions. But it does address one major swath: the clutter that turns a nice walk down the street into an obstacle course. So I say kudos to you guys! Wondering if businesses like theirs will multiply as quickly as the scooters themselves...

The first thing you notice in San Diego’s historic Gaslamp Quarter is not the brick sidewalks, the rows of bars and the roving gaggles of bachelorette parties and conferencegoers, or even the actual gas lamps.

It’s the electric rental scooters. Hundreds are scattered around the sidewalks, clustered in newly painted corrals on the street and piled up in the gutters. In early July, one corner alone had...READ MORE