Simplifying Science


This video is remarkable because this young woman is remarkable. This morning, while my kids were having breakfast and getting ready to head off to school, we had an intense and incredible conversation about Malala. Share her story with your children - it helps them to value their education and to learn the true meaning of a fighter.

How Malala, Teen Activist Shot By Taliban, Made Jon Stewart’s Jaw Drop (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart isn’t easily impressed. But on Tuesday, a 16-year-old left this sardonic late-show host speechless. A year after she was shot by the Taliban for speaking out about...Read More

Dove Love, part 2

And I thought the "Evolution" campaign from Dove - you know, the one that captures the transformation of a model as she is made up, photographed, photoshopped, and then ultimately posted onto bilboards looking very little like her original self, all in the span of 45 seconds - was moving. But Dove has taken it to a new level here, illustrating (literally) how we see ourselves versus how others see us. Take two minutes to watch this video, show your children, and share with your friends. And then think about how you "see" yourself...