Simplifying Science

Size Does Matter

During the tween and teen years, as kids' bodies morph, so too does their self esteem. We all know this. Clothing sizing plays a big role, and vanity sizing is not the solution. 

When Sizes Aren’t Standard, What Do They Mean?

You might be surprised to learn your standard sewing pattern size. In stores, I’m anywhere from a size 4 to an 8.  Read More

A Study with GUTS

As Perri Klass (pediatrician, personal hero) describes in this article, it's not just the disenfranchised youth but also the mainstream ones who face hurdles around self esteem during adolescence. GUTS (Growing Up Today Study) looked beyond body image perception and asked: what medicine and supplements do typical developing tweens and teens take in an effort to change their shape? The answers may not be surprising, but the numbers of teens doing it might...

Attention, Teenagers: Nobody Really Looks Like That

The universal truth of puberty and adolescence is body change, and relatively rapid body change. Teenagers have to cope with all kinds of comparisons, with their peers, with the childhood bodies they leave behind, and...Read More

When Boobs Become Obstacles

This is a topic that is close to my heart - literally and figuratively. While I write about this topic often, it's time to address the issue tangibly. I am working on that...

Breast and Body Changes Are Driving Teen Girls Out of Sports

Spring, finally! So why aren’t more teenage girls out on the playing fields? Research shows that girls tend to start...Read More

Winning Video Games but Losing Bone Density

Why does screen time lower bone mineral density among boys but increase it among girls? This could be a good example of a study where correlation is not causation - in other words, two things seem to be related to each other but really they are not. It's sort of like saying a blue sky causes the temperature to be hot. The sky may be blue and the weather may be warm, but the two are unrelated. Almost everyone has experienced feeling freezing cold on a perfectly clear day...

Teens' Screen Time May Affect Their Bone Health: Study

Spending too much time sitting in front of screens may be linked to poorer bone health in teen boys, according to a new study from Norway. It included 484 boys and 463 girls...Read More

The Start of Puberty Keeps Inching Backwards

Here goes my broken record: yes, puberty is starting younger and younger for our kids. This article highlights a new study that confirms what we have known for some time: obese kids are likely to develop sooner than non-obese kids. This has to do with hormone conversion in fat cells - obese bodies face a higher load of the hormones that send the body into puberty. But non-obese kids are at risk too. Every child in grammar school is facing hormonal shifts younger than her (or his!) parents did. Each study that comes along helps take us one step further down the road of understanding why. Hopefully, we can start doing something about it because these kids aren't ready - physically or emotionally - for what is happening to them. And we have no idea what the long term ramifications will be...

Obesity linked to early puberty in girls, study finds

There’s yet another reason to worry about the obesity epidemic among America’s kids: Extra weight may be sending U.S. girls into puberty earlier than ever. Researchers have found that girls with higher body mass index, a ratio of height and weight, may start developing breasts more than a year before their thinner friends — perhaps as early as second grade. The change is spawning a whole new market of child-sized sanitary pads — decorated with hearts and stars — and deodorants aimed at 8- to 10-year-olds, according to a new study and an editorial published Monday in the journal Pediatrics. Read More

I Hate To Say I Told You So...

But I kinda did. I published Dangerous or Safe? in 2009. See chapters 6, 13, 15,16, or 18 for my I told you sos...

This Is Your Brain on Toxins

“Lead helps to guard your health.”

That was the marketing line that the former National Lead Company used decades ago to sell lead-based household paints. Yet we now know that lead was poisoning millions of children and permanently damaging their brains. Tens of thousands of children died, and countless millions were left mentally impaired. Read More