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Collisions with Other Players - Not The Ball - Cause Greatest Risk for Concussion

If you aren't one for reading medical abstracts or articles, here's what you need to know: on the soccer field, head-on-head collisions are driving concussion injury far more than head-on-ball.

An Evidence-Based Discussion of Heading the Ball and Concussions in High School Soccer

Soccer, originally introduced as a safer sport for children and adolescents, has...Read More

From the Obvious Files...

There are no herbs, vitamins, or supplements that work to heal concussions. Time is the only remedy. And it is not for sale.

Steer Clear of Dietary Supplements for Concussions: FDA

As the fall sports season starts and young players face the risk of concussions, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warns that dietary supplements that claim to...Read More

More From the Concussion Front

I often wonder if the term concussion means so many things to so many people that the data gets all jumbled. Here, a study looks at college athlete with head injuries but not concussions, and finds that there are still brain effects. Hmmm...

Nonconcussion Head Impacts In Contact Sports Linked to Brain Changes and Lower Test Scores

Repeated blows to the head during a season of contact sports may cause...Read More