Simplifying Science

Will Read For $... ?

KJ Dell'Antonia gets to the heart of motivating kids to use their brains

The Right Way to Bribe Your Kids to Read

My children need to read this summer. They’re in the middle of a long vacation from school, and I want them to enjoy it — but I also want them to be able to pick up their education where they left off when school starts again in...Read More

The Learning Curve

Who knew?! "The first half of the sleep cycle helps with retaining facts; the second half is important for math skills. So a student with a foreign language test should go to bed early to get the most retention from sleep, and then review in the morning. For math students, the second half of the sleep cycle is most important — better to review before going to bed and then sleep in to let the brain process the information."

Better Ways to Learn

Does a good grade always mean a student has learned the material? And does a bad grade mean a student just needs to study more? In the new book “How We Learn: The Surprising Truth About When, Where, and Why It Happens” (Random House)...Read More


This video is remarkable because this young woman is remarkable. This morning, while my kids were having breakfast and getting ready to head off to school, we had an intense and incredible conversation about Malala. Share her story with your children - it helps them to value their education and to learn the true meaning of a fighter.

How Malala, Teen Activist Shot By Taliban, Made Jon Stewart’s Jaw Drop (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart isn’t easily impressed. But on Tuesday, a 16-year-old left this sardonic late-show host speechless. A year after she was shot by the Taliban for speaking out about...Read More