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Fighting Toxic Chemicals, TENDRly

This coalition statement - written by doctors, research scientists, and health advocates - shines a light on the effects of modern-day chemicals on growing bodies and brains. It's high time to take action here. Or, at the very least, heed the advice of this group of brilliant contributors. Want to read the official version? click here

A Call for Action on Toxic Chemicals

Every day, children and adults are exposed to a variety of chemicals found in common household items. Now a growing body of research suggests that many of these chemicals — which are used to make plastic more flexible...Read More

Raw Cookie Dough Takes Another Hit

It turns out, raw eggs are not the only reason licking the batter is bad for you.

F.D.A. Ruins Raw Cookie Dough for Everybody

Maybe you’ve swiped a bite of raw cookie dough while preparing a batch to bake. Or perhaps you’ve let your children lick the batter from the cake bowl, or use homemade “play dough” to make crafts. Read More

I Hate To Say I Told You So...

But I kinda did. I published Dangerous or Safe? in 2009. See chapters 6, 13, 15,16, or 18 for my I told you sos...

This Is Your Brain on Toxins

“Lead helps to guard your health.”

That was the marketing line that the former National Lead Company used decades ago to sell lead-based household paints. Yet we now know that lead was poisoning millions of children and permanently damaging their brains. Tens of thousands of children died, and countless millions were left mentally impaired. Read More

Meat and Medication

I published a chapter on this topic 3 years ago, but somehow it is still news... If we have made great strides in medicine limiting the use of antibiotics in humans, shouldn't we get more proactive about the same in farm animals?

Farm Use of Antibiotics Defies Scrutiny

The numbers released quietly by the federal government this year were alarming. A ferocious germ resistant to many types of antibiotics had increased tenfold on chicken breasts, the most commonly eaten meat... Read More