Simplifying Science


My experience has been much like KJ's: lots of running around to catch characters and a surprising dose of family participation. But the LA twist involves begging to get into the car and drive to find Poke balls and Poke stops! BTW, that's Poke not happening... 

Pokémon Has Kids on the Move — and on Their Phones

Parents looking for a way to get children moving and off the couch this summer have found a surprising new ally: Pokémon.Unlike most video and smartphone games, the phenomenally popular Pokémon Go, which has been downloaded by millions in the past week, requires the player to be active. Read More

One More Plus in the Video Game Column

I think video games represent the best example of open-mindedness on my part. Ten years ago, I was a devoted game-basher. Today, I see things quite differently. Why? Partly because my children are older and partly because research has forced me to recast gaming into a brighter light. At least some of the time...

Four Moments When Video Games Are Good for Kids (and How to Make Them Even Better)

Video games — particularly when it comes to children and their passion for them...Read More