Simplifying Science

Grassroots Parenting

As a pediatrician, I have mixed feelings about the verbification of the word "parent." So often, parenting has a negative connotation (helicopter parenting, over-parenting, you get the gist...). We get too involved, we have too much to say, and, though we mean well, we often stand in the way of life's important lessons. But in the case of the spotlight on inflated EpiPen pricing, you go parents. Make some noise! Perhaps we should shift some more of our energy to similar grassroots parenting movements.

How Parents Harnessed the Power of Social Media to Challenge EpiPen Prices

After Mellini Kantayya, an actress who lives in Brooklyn, chatted with her Facebook friends in July about the high cost of EpiPens, she knew she had to do something.  Read More

The Universal Stimulant Effect

Such a profound and interesting article that appeared in the NY Times today. It took me back to a moment I will never forget: it was during my pediatric training and I was sitting in a lecture on Attention Defecit Disorder. The speaker told us that if every child in a classroom were to receive stimulant medication - regardless of whether or not they had ADD - every one of them would do better in school. It was a morning lecture and the speaker went on, "How many of you are holding a cup of coffee right now?" Nearly 100% of us unclasped one hand from our cups and raised them in the air. "Caffeine is a stimulant, just like the drugs used for ADD. See what I mean? You are all doing better because of your drug."

Attention Disorder or Not, Pills to Help in School

When Dr. Michael Anderson hears about his low-income patients struggling in elementary school, he usually gives them a taste of some powerful medicine: Adderall. Read More

Zinc and the Common Cold

TAKE NOTE! This study suggests that zinc shortens cold symptoms for adults but not for kids. It's a good reminder that our children are not just mini versions of ourselves.

Zinc May Shorten Common Colds In Adults, A Review of 17 Studies Finds

THE QUESTION When seeking relief from a cold, people often turn to supplements. Might zinc — a nutrient known to help the immune system fight off viruses and bacteria...Read More

Tried-and-True Versus New

A small study reminds us that the newest drug on the shelf isn't necessarily the best...

Drugs: 'New' Does Not Always Mean 'Better'

Cases in which a newly approved drug is more effective than the cheaper alternatives already available are the exceptions rather than the rule. This is the conclusion reached in a study by Mariam Ujeyl et al. in the...Read More

Can I Really Give That To My Kid?

We all know that labels can be misleading. But on medicine bottles? Really?! Yes, really. I love the American Academy of Pediatrics website because it is a great resource for parents. Here's their latest article deciphering the claims decorating over-the-counter drugs.

With All the Ads Out There For New Medicines and Treatments, How Can I Tell Which Ones Are Safe For My Child?

One challenge of parenting is...Read More