Simplifying Science

Mind Over Matter

My 10 year old daughter will be taking her first meditation class this weekend (Thank you Suze Schwartz and Unplug Meditation!). I am turning to mindfulness  to try to help her learn to turn her brain off at night so that she can fall asleep - a years long struggle for her. Turns out mindfulness may have other medical applications, too. When it comes to treating ADHD and ADD, this promising study shows measurable benefits of mindfulness over drugs.

Exercising the Mind to Treat Attention Deficits

Which will it be — the berries or the chocolate dessert? Homework or the Xbox? Finish that memo, or roam Facebook? Such quotidian decisions test a mental ability called cognitive control, the capacity to maintain focus on an important choice while ignoring other impulses. Poor planning, wandering attention and trouble inhibiting impulses all...Read More