Simplifying Science

Rules to Cut Sugar... In the Classroom

In the upcoming school year, there will be new legislation governing how much junk kids get at school. But it's still a work in progress. 

New Rules May Curb Classroom Cupcakes

The season of junk-food-laden classroom holiday parties is upon us. And while some parents see all the cake, candy and salty snacks as a harmless indulgence during a festive season, others object to any unhealthy food in the...Read More

Milk vs. Milk

Nutrition is confusing. Take milk: it turns out, the nutritional value of different kinds of milks varies widely. Cow, soy, almond, coconut, you name it... their only common denominator may just be the title "milk."

Which Milk Is Most Nutritious: Soy, Cashew, Almond or Coconut?

Vegans and others may prefer to drink plant-based milks over milk that comes from animals for a variety of reasons. Read More

Move Over Oil, There's a New Zit King in Town

For ages, people have blamed zits on the greasy fast foods. It turns out that oil is not to blame - sugar is the real culprit. Your skin will look even more fab if you consume less of the refined sweet stuff plus more fruits, veggies, and other whole foods.

Yes! Foods may fight acne

Acne can be an embarrassing problem that seemingly no amount of expensive creams and ointments can resolve. But research suggests that in some cases, what you put in your mouth may be as important as what you put on your skin. I’ve had a lot of patients who get their...Read More

A Study with GUTS

As Perri Klass (pediatrician, personal hero) describes in this article, it's not just the disenfranchised youth but also the mainstream ones who face hurdles around self esteem during adolescence. GUTS (Growing Up Today Study) looked beyond body image perception and asked: what medicine and supplements do typical developing tweens and teens take in an effort to change their shape? The answers may not be surprising, but the numbers of teens doing it might...

Attention, Teenagers: Nobody Really Looks Like That

The universal truth of puberty and adolescence is body change, and relatively rapid body change. Teenagers have to cope with all kinds of comparisons, with their peers, with the childhood bodies they leave behind, and...Read More

Fighting Toxic Chemicals, TENDRly

This coalition statement - written by doctors, research scientists, and health advocates - shines a light on the effects of modern-day chemicals on growing bodies and brains. It's high time to take action here. Or, at the very least, heed the advice of this group of brilliant contributors. Want to read the official version? click here

A Call for Action on Toxic Chemicals

Every day, children and adults are exposed to a variety of chemicals found in common household items. Now a growing body of research suggests that many of these chemicals — which are used to make plastic more flexible...Read More

Just Like There Is "Good" Peer Pressure...

..there appears to be "good" marketing as well. 

How to Sell Kids on Vegetables

The same marketing techniques used to convince children to eat junk food are highly effective in promoting fruits and vegetables, a new study has found. Researchers assigned 10 elementary schools to one of four groups. In the first, they posted vinyl banners around...Read More

Raw Cookie Dough Takes Another Hit

It turns out, raw eggs are not the only reason licking the batter is bad for you.

F.D.A. Ruins Raw Cookie Dough for Everybody

Maybe you’ve swiped a bite of raw cookie dough while preparing a batch to bake. Or perhaps you’ve let your children lick the batter from the cake bowl, or use homemade “play dough” to make crafts. Read More