Simplifying Science

Grassroots Parenting

As a pediatrician, I have mixed feelings about the verbification of the word "parent." So often, parenting has a negative connotation (helicopter parenting, over-parenting, you get the gist...). We get too involved, we have too much to say, and, though we mean well, we often stand in the way of life's important lessons. But in the case of the spotlight on inflated EpiPen pricing, you go parents. Make some noise! Perhaps we should shift some more of our energy to similar grassroots parenting movements.

How Parents Harnessed the Power of Social Media to Challenge EpiPen Prices

After Mellini Kantayya, an actress who lives in Brooklyn, chatted with her Facebook friends in July about the high cost of EpiPens, she knew she had to do something.  Read More

Will Read For $... ?

KJ Dell'Antonia gets to the heart of motivating kids to use their brains

The Right Way to Bribe Your Kids to Read

My children need to read this summer. They’re in the middle of a long vacation from school, and I want them to enjoy it — but I also want them to be able to pick up their education where they left off when school starts again in...Read More

Trophy Rage

An interesting look at the debate over heaping praise on our children...

Do Our Kids Get Off Too Easy?

THE conventional wisdom these days is that kids come by everything too easily — stickers, praise, A’s, trophies. It’s outrageous, we’re told, that all kids on the field may get a thanks-for-playing token, in contrast to the good old days, when recognition was reserved for the conquering heroes. Children are said to be indulged and overcelebrated, spared from...Read More

Shamless Book Plug?

When a good friend writes a great book, and then you post a link to Amazon so that lots of people can buy said friend's book and garner its wisdom, does it really count as a shameless friend plug? You decide...

Permission to Parent: How to Raise Your Child with Love and Limits

After being bombarded by parenting fad after parenting fad, moms and dads finally have a friendly, commonsense guide to raising thriving children. Today, many parents have rejected the dictatorships they resented from their own childhoods. But they overcorrected by turning into child-pleasers.  Read More

Cell Solitary

It's quite something to hear a 12-year old describe how she feels when her dad is more engaged with his cell phone than he is with her. And, frankly, there are moments when this describes my house too. I hereby resolve to create a parental cell phone holding pen - I think I will call it "cell solitary" - where my phone will be exiled between dinner time until the kids are in bed. Wish me luck getting my husband's phone in there too...