Simplifying Science

New Study Burns Tanning Salons, Again

But now movement towards a solution: setting age limits for tanning salon customers.

At long last!

Keeping Minors From Tanning Beds Would Save Thousands of Lives, Study Says

Restricting people younger than 18 from indoor tanning could prevent thousands of skin cancers and deaths in the United States, according to a new study. Read More


More damning news about e-cigarettes.

More Nonsmoking Teens Inhaling Flavored Nicotine Through Vaping

Many teenagers who never would have smoked cigarettes are now “vaping” with flavored e-cigarettes, leading to a...Read More

The Sunscreen List

Yes, that's right. The famous summer Best Of and Worst Of lists are out. Click image below (or here) to see which brands you should buy for your family this summer. Or see this link for a longer article with a little more info.

EWG’s Best Scoring Sunscreen Lotions for Kids

There are more than 239 beach and sport sunscreens with a green rating in EWG’s 2017 Sunscreen Guide. Read More

In Case You Missed It

A piece from the NY Times last week. My prediction: what's being called dumb today will be held up as dangerous in a week or a month or a year. Why are products like this available?

Selling the Young on ‘Gaming Fuel’

Two popular video gamers in black T-shirts posed as snipers wielding real semi-automatic guns at an outdoor range, blasting orbs of fruit and cups of deep orange liquid in ultra slow motion. “Introducing Blood...Read More