Simplifying Science

Important Introductions: Social Media, Meet Empathy

I am fascinated to see how social media platforms are trying to tap into teenager's emotional worlds, pivoting interactions and taking advantage of teachable moments. This approach by FB seems a big step in the right direction.

Meet Facebook’s Mr. Nice

Of Facebook’s 7,185 employees, Arturo Bejar may have the most difficult job. No, he is not responsible for increasing advertising revenue or keeping the website alive 24 hours a day. Mr. Bejar has a much more inscrutable task: teaching the site’s 1.3 billion users, especially its tens of millions of teenagers, how to be nice and respectful to one another. Respectful? Online? Ha! That’s never going to happen...Read More

Underage Networking

Great article on why Instagram dominates in the tween market. Parents take note: many kids aren't just taking cool pictures with this app.

How Instagram became the social network for tweens

I just learned that my 12-year-old daughter is an app scofflaw. So, in fact, are the hordes of her fellow tween-agers -- kept off Facebook by their well-intended parents -- who have turned to Instagram as a seemingly...Read More