Simplifying Science

Fighting Toxic Chemicals, TENDRly

This coalition statement - written by doctors, research scientists, and health advocates - shines a light on the effects of modern-day chemicals on growing bodies and brains. It's high time to take action here. Or, at the very least, heed the advice of this group of brilliant contributors. Want to read the official version? click here

A Call for Action on Toxic Chemicals

Every day, children and adults are exposed to a variety of chemicals found in common household items. Now a growing body of research suggests that many of these chemicals — which are used to make plastic more flexible...Read More

Reducing Your Kids' Exposure to Toxins at Home

I love when science backs the Worry Proof philosophy! Number one way to reduce your child’s exposure to toxins in the home? Getting rid of the dust with vacuuming and wet moping. It’s the same advice as in chapter 13 of WORRY PROOF

The Top Five Actions Parents Can Take to Reduce Child Exposure to Toxic Chemicals At Home

Controlling house dust tops a list of five ways parents can protect their...Read More