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Cara Natterson, MD is a pediatrician, New York Times bestselling author, corporate and private consultant, and speaker. She has become a leading voice on issues relating to puberty and its associated social, emotional, and technological hurdles. There are few health and wellness experts as steeped in the world of tweens + teens.

Cara provides medical knowledge and practical advice to businesses, brands, schools, and non-profits with the goal of helping them connect with and understand the complex lives of today’s kids. The topics she addresses include

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  • Puberty timing, variations, and trends
  • Brain development + decision making
  • Sleep as a powerful tool for health
  • Sex and pornography
  • Drug use + addiction
  • Social media
  • Technology paradoxes, including screen time + gaming
  • General wellness: exercise, nutrition, sleep + hygiene
  • Mental wellness and+anxiety
  • Parenting styles: keeping kids safe without helicoptering
  • The importance of rules + limit setting

BRAND CONSULTING: Cara collaborates with brands, especially those targeting tween and teen consumers or their parents, helping them to

  • Curate content and data relating to biology, safety, health and wellness
  • Understand topical issues and future trends in pediatrics and parenting
  • Gain in-depth knowledge and insight into parent, tween and teen opinions and behaviors




SCHOOLS + EDUCATIONAL SETTINGS: Cara works with schools and non-traditional educators, providing

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  • Health education curriculum design and implementation, K - 12
  • Consulting services for medical, behavioral, and parenting issues
  • Private group teaching, generally on tween- and teen-focused subjects

SPEAKING: Cara speaks to a wide variety of audiences. She is available for individual speaking engagements as well as panel participation, both domestic and international.

VIDEO & ENTERTAINMENT: Cara has extensive experience both on-screen and as a behind-the-scenes expert. She is available for script, manuscript, and digital content review.




For years, Cara was a full time general pediatrician, seeing patients in a traditional doctor's office. When she left in order to pursue writing, she found herself taking calls from many of her old patients. They wanted more time with a medical expert and they didn't want to hunt for valid information online.

And so Worry Proof Consulting was born. In this unique practice, Cara is able to provide parents time for everything from in-depth medical information to questions about routine child development and parenting.

Cara meets almost exclusively with parents - she doesn't examine kids or write prescriptions for them, and most of the time they do not come to the office. This allows parents to ask their questions unfiltered, without editing because they their child is listening.  Not to mention that conversations about health or parenting can be much easier without a toddler nosing around or a pre-teen critiquing every comment. She does, occasionally, see tweens and teens for educational sessions.

First time consultations last one hour or more, ideally in person but they can be conducted by phone video chat. Follow up visits can be in the office or by video chat,  phone, or email. 

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If you would like to schedule a consult, you may email by clicking here or call 310-476-7131.