CONSULTING FOR COMPANIES: In addition to working with individuals, I often consult for businesses, providing a wide range of services including:

  • Script, manuscript, and digital content review
  • Both on-screen and behind-the-scenes expert content/advice
  • Solo speaking engagements and panel participation 
  • Collaboration with brands targeting tween and teen consumers
  • School curriculum design and implementation, K - 12
  • Direct access for medical, behavioral, and parenting issues
  • Private group teaching, generally on tween- and teen-focused subjects such as puberty, sex education, drug education, social media, and general wellness

Corporate fees are determined on an individual basis depending upon the scope of work.

CONSULTING FOR PARENTS: For years, parents have told me they don't have enough time with their doctor. The office experience often feels rushed, even with a doctor who gives an unusual amount of time. Parents will forget important questions or forget the answers, or both. They may try searching online, but this is typically an exercise in frustration as they don't know what the best sites are or where to find valid information.

When I left full time practice, I found myself taking call after call from concerned parents. Sometimes a child had received a new diagnosis, and they wanted more information. Other times they had concerns about a medicine or a lab test result. There were even times when parents just wanted to continue the conversation about routine child development, a conversation that started at their child's check up visit but got cut off because of time constraints. These calls marked the beginning of Worry Proof Consulting.

I meet almost exclusively with parents - I don't examine kids, I don't write prescriptions for them, and most of the time they do not come to the office. Might seem strange for a pediatrician, particularly since I am trained to care directly for children, but this is why: parents edit their comments in front of their kids. They don't want to ask sensitive questions and even when they do it in a subtle way, they are often nervous about how a doctor might answer in front of their child. I get it and it is reasonable to feel this way. Not to mention that conversations about health or parenting can be much easier without a toddler nosing around or a pre-teen critiquing every comment. So my practice is for the parents to be able to ask anything and everything they want to know.

First time consultations last one hour or more. These are ideally in person, but can be conducted by phone video chat as well. Follow up visits can be in the office or by video chat,  phone, or email.

Individual consultations are billed hourly. Payment is accepted in full at the time of service and parents are given a superbill to submit to insurance for possible reimbursement. Phone and email followup is billed accordingly.






If you would like to schedule a consult, you may email by clicking here or call 310-476-7131.