Cara Natterson, MD is a pediatrician, New York Times bestselling author, corporate and private consultant, and speaker. She has become a leading voice on issues relating to puberty and its associated social, emotional, and technological hurdles. There are few health and wellness experts as steeped in the world of tweens + teens.

Cara provides medical knowledge and practical advice to businesses, brands, schools, and non-profits with the goal of helping them connect with and understand the complex lives of today’s kids. She works as both a consultant  and a speaker working as an individual or collaboratively with groups, in the US and internationally. Cara covers medical, behavioral, and parenting issues including:

  • Puberty

  • Brain development + decision making

  • Sleep

  • Sex and pornography

  • Drug use and addiction

  • Social media

  • Technology paradoxes

  • General wellness

  • Mental wellness and anxiety

  • Parenting styles

  • Rules + limit setting

  • Health education curriculum design for K - 12 schools

  • Script, manuscript, and digital content review.

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BRAND CONSULTING: Cara collaborates with brands, especially those targeting tween and teen consumers or their parents, helping them to

  • Curate content and data relating to biology, safety, health and wellness

  • Understand topical issues and future trends in pediatrics and parenting

  • Gain in-depth knowledge and insight into parent, tween and teen opinions and behaviors

  • Cara has collaborated with...

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CONTACT: email by clicking here or call 310-476-7131.