Dangerous or Safe?

dangerous or safe?

The original guide to help parents understand what is dangerous for their children and what is just hype.Dr Cara Natterson uses her skills as both a pediatrician and a mom to offer straightforward advice on what parents should and shouldn't avoid. Most of the time, she reassures us that so-called dangerous products are completely safe. Perhaps most importantly, Dr. Natterson tells parents what she does for her own children in her own home.In this era of helicopter parenting and endless worry, Dangerous or Safe? provides a calm voice filled with valuable, no-nonsense advice for every parent.

What I love most about Dr. Natterson’s book is the way she breaks down the process of understanding potentially hazardous situations. The four questions she asks for each issue she tackles help the parent to mimic her calm, practicality and they are good tools for future use. An excellent and invaluable manual for navigating the murky waters of what is safe and what isn’t.
— Lisa Cook on Amazon.com