Feelin’ the Romance?

Feelin’ the Romance?


Excerpted from THE CARE & KEEPING OF US: A HOW-TO-SAY-IT BOOK FOR GIRLS (page 42-43) Published and copyrighted 2015 by American Girl Publishing. All rights reserved.

Your social life will change a lot as you get older. You’ll make new friends and eventually have different kinds of relationships, including more romantic ones. For many girls, this starts with crushes, butterflies in the stomach, or a sudden attraction to a classmate—all romantic feelings.

All emotions get stronger during puberty, including feelings of attraction. These feelings can be confusing. Your heart starts pounding. Your face feels hot. You’re usually chatty, but suddenly you can’t talk at all when a certain person shows up. These reactions are pretty common when you have a crush. And it’s normal to have them—or not have them—at any age. Some girls start having crushes in grammar school. Others might be in high school before they feel excited about someone.

Moms sometimes don’t bring up the subject because they’re concerned that talking about it will encourage girls to experiment with something they’re not quite ready for. Actually, though, talking helps slow down a rush to grow up. If you talk about crushes and attractions, you’ll learn which feelings are normal—and having that knowledge takes a lot of confusion away. Talking also helps you figure out what to do with your own feels in ways that feel right for you and your age.

Someday, romantic relationships will be a big part of your life. Whether you have a basic question, something happy, or a disappointment on your mind, it makes a difference when you have people to talk to—your mom, your closest friends, and perhaps another trusted adult or two. Getting used to talking about it before you start to have relationships means you’re more likely to choose people who help make your life happy.