Finding Real Beauty

Finding Real Beauty

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We’re surrounded by images of women—in magazines, on TV, in the movies—that influence how people see themselves. Models and celebrities wear heavy makeup and spend hours on their hair. Then their images are altered to change the way they look even more. Most kids know that real people don’t look like that, but it’s easy to forget and to believe what you see. If you compare yourself to them, you’ll almost always feel you don’t measure up.


There isn’t one particular look that is beautiful—and that’s the beauty of beauty! As you grow and change, so will your choices in styles of clothing, hair and optional things like makeup. Styles can have names like “sporty” and “classic.” They can be related to special time periods or places. You might focus on a particular color. Whatever your look, you’ll want it to show your creativity and imagination while being true to your own, real body. And you want to avoid being influenced by advertising and media images that are unrealistic or unhealthy.


Making choices that define your unique look is an exciting way to express your growing independence. As you experiment, expect and ask for help from your mom or dad. They want you to express yourself and feel beautiful. At the same time, it’s their job to guide you in what’s healthy and right for your age. 

Excerpted from THE CARE & KEEPING OF US A HOW-TO-SAY-IT BOOK FOR GIRLS, page 28-29. All rights reserved.