March for our Lives

Power in numbers


Generation Z is finding it’s voice. And with it, they are poised to change the world.

Mass shootings – particularly school shootings – are suddenly routine. Today’s teenagers have decided they aren’t going to stand by and watch the epidemic unfold because they’ve had enough: they want school to be a safe place again and they don’t want to live in fear of other humans, particularly other kids.

This week, kids across the country walked out of their classrooms to remember the victims in Parkland, Florida. And on March 24, across the country, teens will lead protests against gun violence. The adults in their world – particularly their legislators – couldn’t get the job done despite years of motivation and opportunity. Here is a list of the planned protests for all of us to join in. The organizers are asking for RSVPs not because the events are exclusive but precisely the opposite: because every participant needs to be counted. Participate, sign the petition, show up, share. There is power in numbers, perhaps more power, even, than in an AR-15.