I can’t imagine what I’d do without Cara in my parenting arsenal. She has provided me with sound information, thoughtful analysis, and warm advice on issues ranging from breastfeeding and bed-wetting to tonsillectomies and other weightier medical subjects. She allows me to make decisions as a medical professional would - armed with all the information I need - and she manages to simplify complex issues without talking down. Basically, Cara is the Thinking Parent’s best friend, and I can’t recommend her highly enough.
— Lea Geller, mom of 5 and blogger "This is the Corner We Pee In"
Every parent, and every child, could benefit from it.
— Deepak Chopra commenting on "Worry Proof"
I have spent a career working to build strength in our homeland. I have learned that our greatest achievement in terms of our nation’s safety and security has been our acceptance of each other and who we are. Cara Natterson has brought those contributions home, giving us invaluable tools to engage our daughters – and now our sons – so that they can become accepting, caring and independent. It is an achievement that I am confident will, despite all the news of mayhem in the world, make us a better nation.
— Juliette Kayyem Author, Security Mom Former Assistant Secretary, DHS