Stuff I Like

Stuff I Like


I get calls, emails and texts daily asking for product recommendations. From cosmetics to cold meds, vitamins to video games, parents just want to know what’s safe for their kids. Much of the time, it boils down to a simple question: What do you do in your house?

So I am adding a feature to the monthly newsletter called Stuff I Like, highlighting products I buy for my kids (and myself!). Because there’s a lot of effective advertising out there in the world, making it hard to know what’s truly worth buying.

So here goes recommendation #1: MD SOLAR SCIENCES SUNSCREEN. If you need to put a product on your skin a couple of time per day in order to prevent cancer – and you do – it ought to be as safe as possible. I love this brand because every product in the line has a long “No” list (no parabens, oxybenzone, octinoxate, aminobenzoic acid (PABA), gluten, or synthetic fragrances). Plus, the sunscreens are mineral-based, which means they work immediately to shield the skin compared to chemical sunscreens which take 30 min to work and aren’t reflective. The winning attribute, though, is how these sunscreens feel going on – soft, silky, amazing. And this means your kids are more likely to use them.

PS I like almost everything in this line except the spray-on sunscreen. Pediatricians don’t love aerosols because they go onto the skin but also up the nose, in the mouth, and ultimately deep into the lungs. So invest in lotions, creams and sticks, but in general stay away from sprays.