The Trick To Good Nutrition

The Trick To Good Nutrition

Excerpted from pages 14-15 of The Care & Keeping of US. Published and copyrighted 2015 by American Girl Publishing. All rights reserved.

Part of the recipe for feeling, doing, and looking your best is eating right. Your body needs a healthy balance of proteins, grains, fruits, vegetables, fats, vitamins, and minerals to grow, glow, and be strong. This is true for everyone!

Your parents have been telling you what to eat and drink for as long as you can remember. Now you’re old enough to take charge of some of your own habits, and that will feel good. It’s true that you don’t buy the food in your house—your parents do. But you can get involved with the choices they make. Start by asking yourself some questions, such as:

  • What are my favorite foods?
  • What are foods I don’t like that much but I know I should eat?
  • Do I eat breakfast? (I know I should.)
  • What foods and drinks do I pack in my lunch for school?
  • What kinds of snacks do I eat?

After you’ve thought about your likes and habits (and the ones you want to change), make some decisions with your parents. Maybe you can do some research with your mom or dad on line or at the library, about good-for-you foods and healthy diets. Make grocery lists with them. Go to the market together. Help plan and prepare family dinners. Besides choosing foods you enjoy, finding new ones you like, and boosting your health, you and your parents will have many opportunities to talk and laugh—and cook!—together!