Worry Proof

worry proof

With constant debates on the playground and conflicting reports in the media, parents simply don’t know what’s dangerous for their children. Dr Cara Natterson uses her experience as a pediatrician and a mom to answer parental questions about hot button issues. She translates scientific data and offers straightforward advice on what parents should avoid, which so-called dangerous products are completely safe, and what she does for her own children at home. Dr Natterson is a smart, reasonable voice in an era of hysteria. Worry Proof is a valuable, no-nonsense resource for every parent, winning the Wall Street Journal's Best Health Book of the Year award.

This book really goes over the different areas that have been discussed over the years as to whether a parent should really worry about that particular topic or not. It gives the controversy, the evidence and whether it is really scientific evidence or not, and what she advises as a pediatrician and as a mother to her own children.
— PSim on Amazon.com
Natterson’s style is as straight forward which makes this an easy and calming read. She tells parents what supposedly dangerous products are safe (apple juice anyone?) what kids really should not do or ingest and then she reveals what she does with her two children. Turns out she practices what she preaches for the most part.
— Amy Summer on Amazon.com