Your Newborn: Head to Toe

your newborn: head to toe

After countless conversations with parents, Dr. Cara Natterson wrote a book to answer the most preoccupying questions. Whether you are wondering about vaccines or your baby’s sleep habits, Your Newborn: Head to Toe is an invaluable source of counsel and comfort. Working her way down a baby’s body, Dr. Natterson writes about issues that may affect a baby from stem to stern. For each topic—from a slow-healing belly button to constipation—covers what parents can do, when a doctor needs to be involved, tests that are required, what the results mean, treatments and possible complications

L.A.-based pediatrician Natterson wisely taps into parents’ need for practical medical information during the first year of their child’s life, providing a comprehensive, straightforward guide… Natterson’s style is parent-friendly yet professional, and she’s terrific at tackling universal parenting questions that may be especially compelling during the first days and weeks of a child’s life. Both veteran and parenting newcomers will find this a worthy resource, with solid advice and information.
— Publisher's Weekly