Simplifying Science

A New Meaning for Weird

Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich and Democratic. Read more to understand what WEIRDness results in.

PS When my 11-year old son saw the title of this article his reaction: "Um, maybe they should start with slightly less sharp objects?" 

Grassroots Parenting

As a pediatrician, I have mixed feelings about the verbification of the word "parent." So often, parenting has a negative connotation (helicopter parenting, over-parenting, you get the gist...). We get too involved, we have too much to say, and, though we mean well, we often stand in the way of life's important lessons. But in the case of the spotlight on inflated EpiPen pricing, you go parents. Make some noise! Perhaps we should shift some more of our energy to similar grassroots parenting movements.