We Are What We Wear...Or Are We?


Excerpted from page 31 of The Care & Keeping of US. Published and copyrighted 2015 by American Girl Publishing. All rights reserved

Clothes are one of the most fun ways to show your style and your personality.

The right clothes feel good. They express who you are. They fit well. They’re comfortable. And the right clothes are right for your age. Do you ever love something your mom says is “inappropriate”? Clothes that are too revealing are a common source of tension between girls and parents. This includes shirts with low necklines, short skirts, and items that are form fitting. Moms also tend to say no to clothes that are unhealthy for your body, such as pants and shoes that are too tight or fabrics that can irritate your skin.

When parents have opinions about clothes, it’s because they want you to be healthy. They understand that certain styles can make you look older than you are and get attention you don’t want. Also, they know what’s considered OK for a certain place or occasion, and they want to pass that knowledge on to you.

While you and your mom will disagree from time to time, there is plenty of room for self-expression and compromise. When the answer is no, you can still talk through your tastes and her reactions, and settle on a look you love.